• Individually designed workshops for groups and organizations

Workshops are a great way of enhancing learning. Over the years, I have designed a variety of seminars for numerous organizations and groups. Each workshop is a dynamic, interactive experience purposely created to reflect the interest, time limitation, and degree of expertise of the group. My goal is that each person attending one of my workshops will walk away with insights and strategies that are readily transferable to their circumstances.

Sample Topics include:

  • Understanding anxiety and strategies to reduce it
  • Progressive muscle relaxation strategies
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Parents coping with a special need’s diagnosis in a family member
  • Presentation to groups in understanding their peers with autism spectrum disorders
  • Developing a reinforcement/behavior plan
  • Understanding social deficits
  • How to write a Carol Gray’s social story and other social narratives
  • How to understand psychoeducational assessments

*Note: Workshop fees will be determined on an individual basis.